My favorite color is yellow, clearly.

Orthodox Diary is an ongoing account of my journey into Orthodox Christianity. The blog is aimed at Evangelicals and other Protestants who don’t know much about Orthodoxy, as well as general readers who share my interests in religion, art, literature, and politics.

As a PhD in English, I read and write about literature and culture. As an Orthodox layperson, I enjoy discussing religion, spirituality, and issues related to faith.

I live in Iowa City (the traditional homeland of the Oθaakiiwaki and Meškwaki) with my wife and three cats. My ancestors immigrated to Iowa from the Rhine Valley and from Scandinavia. I was educated in Iowa City and near Boston, Massachusetts (no, not Harvard). There I met my wife, whose ancestors came to Boston from Ireland and Armenia, seeking opportunity and refuge from persecution in their native lands.

I was baptized a Lutheran, raised a Pentecostal, and spent much much of my twenties and thirties exploring the various branches of Protestantism, including the Religious Society of Friends (Conservative). Seeking a deeper connection to the historical and apostolic roots of my Christian faith, I discovered Orthodoxy. I received chrismation in 2020 at Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, a welcoming and faithful community of Christians in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

For more about my personal history, read this post.

I am not an expert on ninety-nine percent of the topics I write about; these blog posts are often just my personal musings. Additionally, I must stress that I am not associated in any way with the government of the Orthodox Church, nor am I a theologian or an expert on Church doctrine. This blog is my public diary. These are personal writings. The opinions I express are my own, and many of my words and ideas are bound to be misguided. If you want to learn about Orthodoxy or seek spiritual direction, please visit a local Orthodox church and introduce yourself to the priest. You will almost certainly be greeted with love and grace.

I love art and culture. If you’re curious about my taste in movies and music, check out my Letterboxd page and my Spotify playlist. You can follow me on any of the social media platforms listed below.