The U.S. Election and Orthodox Christianity

I wanted to share two videos about Orthodoxy and Tuesday’s election, and offer some of my own commentary. The first video is by Father Peter Heers (you can read a transcript here): I agree with Father Peter that no Orthodox Christian can stand indifferent to the public square, although hopes for joint political-Christian solutions to […]

Thirteen Thoughts on Race and Literary Value

A friend recently asked me about a tweet that gained some traction (and notoriety) last year. The tweet had recently provoked discussion among her own colleagues in literary studies, many of whom agreed with its sentiment: The tweet’s author, Stevie Mat, was responding to a tweet by Jeremy Boreing (producer of various right-wing media), itself […]

Update: Chrismation, Communion

The big news is that I was chrismated, tonsured, and received into the Orthodox Church earlier this month. Wednesday, October 7, to be precise.

Daily Reading 9/30/2020

I didn’t watch last night’s debate, although I experienced much of it vicariously through the social media feeds of my friends and others I follow. A consensus is emerging on those feeds, which are admittedly tailored toward an audience of one (me), that this represented a new low point in the history of our democratic republic.

Local Politics versus Catholic Teaching: the Case of Amy Coney Barrett

Matthew Sitman has an article in today’s Commonweal that echoes several of the points I tried to make yesterday in my post about Amy Coney Barrett. The piece is entitled “The Faith of Amy Coney Barrett,” and I encourage you to read it in full. Like me, Sitman is concerned that the rhetoric around the […]

On Catholicism and the Court

A recent video has been making the rounds among Wisconsin Catholics, and American Catholics more generally, in the run-up to the November 3rd presidential election. The video features a Father James Altman of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and is entitled “You cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat. Period.” Among other things, Altman declares that U.S. […]

Fasting for Felines

I’m sure I’ll feel differently in the dark of the December Nativity Fast, but right now, I find Orthodox fasting kind of fun. I’ll admit that most days of the week I’m not exactly what you’d call a mindful eater. Most adults have by my age learned to control their appetites and settled on something […]

The Holy Elders of Optina

My last couple posts have dealt with my personal spiritual practices, and I wanted to continue in that vein for today’s post. Since my journey into Orthodoxy began, I have discovered many beautiful and moving prayers. My favorite is the morning prayer of the Holy Elders of Optina. The Optina monastery was established centuries ago […]

Kyrie eleison

I first discovered the School of Life when I was teaching composition and literature at my local university. I found their short, concise overviews of major philosophies, literary careers, and intellectual traditions especially useful for introducing my students to new ideas. Over time, I began following their YouTube channel and enjoying their other content, too: […]

Beginning a New Year

This week marked the beginning of the ecclesiastical year. The Orthodox calendar is based on the old Roman (and later Byzantine) taxation calendar, of all things, which began on September 1. I began attending Vespers at my Greek Orthodox church last August, so it’s been a little over a year since I began my inquiry […]


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