Rich Mullins, Twenty-Five Years Later

I feel less devotion to Mullins today than I did as a teenager, but it’s still very difficult to articulate how great an impact he had on my life and my faith.

‘Ecce homo’; or, the Ghost in the Machine

Liberalism is a virus of the mind. Once you’ve been infected, you are infected for life, and there are no long periods of dormancy when symptoms abate and the effects of the virus are easy to forget. No, symptoms are always present and persistent. Once you’re in liberalism, there is no way out.

Russell Moore on “Cultural Christianity” and Right-Wing Politics

In the latest episode of the Ezra Klein Show podcast, posted earlier today, Jane Coaston interviewed the excellent new editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Russell Moore. Moore has spent his career in various leadership positions within the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Evangelical denomination in the nation, and has recently generated controversy in the Evangelical world […]

Academic Grumblings: on English Departments & William Deresiewicz in Quillette

William Deresiewicz has made a career out of his inability to land a decent job as an English professor. Many call this a “grift,” but he’s one of the few ex-academics I will read whenever he publishes a new article. I like him, even if now he’s writing in Quillette. The article is titled “Why […]

God Vibrations; or, a Return to Dimes Square

Steven Larkin at National Review wrote a piece today in response to Julia Yost’s New York Times editorial about “Dimes Square Catholicism,” which I covered in a previous blog post. That’s a lot of links for one sentence. If you read my earlier blog post (third link), I won’t rehash the Yost editorial or explain […]

South Dakota and the Movies: Part VI—On A24

One thing that this essay series makes clear to me is the influence of A24 on my experience of American cinema over the past decade. Of the twenty-five films on this list, six are A24 productions…and looking over their filmography, I can find at least four more I might have included…

“Make My Day”: Clint Eastwood, Ernest Hemingway, Russia, and the West

I recently got around to reading the July interview with political scientist, Russian nationalist, and former Putin advisor Sergey Karaganov in the New York Times and wanted to say a few words about it. For Karaganov, the invasion of Ukraine was a response to Western cancel culture. This is not my conjecture and this is […]


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