Daily Reading 1/14/2021

I have been rereading William Wordsworth’s The Prelude (the 1805 text), a poem I haven’t so much as thought about since 2007…

Daily Reading 1/12/2021

For the past several months, ever since the Amy Coney Barrett nomination, I’ve been posting a lot about how socially and politically local issues become life-or-death matters of Christian identity for many practicing Christians. This is going to be a recurrent theme in my upcoming posts, too, because I’ll be reviewing books like Rod Dreher’s […]

Some Thoughts on White Jesus

Friends Journal, a Quaker publication I follow on Facebook, published an article this weekend asking, “Are there white people in the Bible?” The article is, predictably for Friends Journal, left-leaning and fixated on the politics of the present. For instance, the author, Tim Gee, begins by citing “the Swiss anti-fascist theologian Karl Barth”: although Barth […]

Orthodoxy and the Culture: Tradition versus Politics

My last post discussed Rod Dreher and my impression that he is, somewhat artificially, importing the U.S. Culture Wars into Orthodoxy. I implied that certain issues that are highly politicized in the U.S. Protestant and Catholic Churches are not necessarily or naturally politicized within Orthodoxy. This might have surprised some readers who follow Orthodox discourse […]

Rod Dreher Brings His Culture War to Orthodoxy

This won’t be an extended or especially thoughtful post. I’m writing to track a conversation that is underway today on Twitter. This conversation involves the recent invitation of Rod Dreher by St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary to deliver the 38th Annual Father Alexander Schmemann Memorial Lecture. If you’re not familiar with Fr. Alexander Schmemann, click […]

The U.S. Election and Orthodox Christianity

I wanted to share two videos about Orthodoxy and Tuesday’s election, and offer some of my own commentary. The first video is by Father Peter Heers (you can read a transcript here): I agree with Father Peter that no Orthodox Christian can stand indifferent to the public square, although hopes for joint political-Christian solutions to […]

Thirteen Thoughts on Race and Literary Value

A friend recently asked me about a tweet that gained some traction (and notoriety) last year. The tweet had recently provoked discussion among her own colleagues in literary studies, many of whom agreed with its sentiment: The tweet’s author, Stevie Mat, was responding to a tweet by Jeremy Boreing (producer of various right-wing media), itself […]

Update: Chrismation, Communion

The big news is that I was chrismated, tonsured, and received into the Orthodox Church earlier this month. Wednesday, October 7, to be precise.

Daily Reading 9/30/2020

I didn’t watch last night’s debate, although I experienced much of it vicariously through the social media feeds of my friends and others I follow. A consensus is emerging on those feeds, which are admittedly tailored toward an audience of one (me), that this represented a new low point in the history of our democratic republic.

Local Politics versus Catholic Teaching: the Case of Amy Coney Barrett

Matthew Sitman has an article in today’s Commonweal that echoes several of the points I tried to make yesterday in my post about Amy Coney Barrett. The piece is entitled “The Faith of Amy Coney Barrett,” and I encourage you to read it in full. Like me, Sitman is concerned that the rhetoric around the […]


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